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ERP Service Portfolio

ERP’s national and European services meet each customer’s needs, through a suite of custom-tailored compliance, recycling and consultancy services.

These include:

WEEE, batteries and packaging compliance for producers, distributors and retailers of electronic and electrical equipment, batteries, photovoltaic products and packaging;
Recycling and consultancy services for producers, distributors and retailers, as well as end users, producer associations and national and local governments.

ERP offers pan-European compliance solutions in 32 countries.
National services ensure producers meet their local compliance obligations. 
Companies with obligations in more than one country can opt for the EuropePlus Package, which provides a wider range of solutions that harmonize and simplify compliance management and the registration process in each country. For even more information on our EuropePlus package please see our European Services page. 

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ERP Membership

Annual national or European membership. National membership gives you access to all the compliance services available in a given country. European membership also offers additional services to manage compliance across multiple countries.

EuropePlus Essential – Compliance Support

Essential and lean compliance solutions with single point of contact for producers having obligations in several EuropePlus* countries.

Comprehensive compliance support including: assessment of  products/sales and identification of responsibilities; management of compliance obligations (including all registration and reporting in applicable countries); management of WEEE / battery / packaging collection, treatment and recycling (in applicable countries).

*EuropePlus countries= 28 EU member states + Israel, Norway, Switzerland & Turkey

Compliance Account Manager

A dedicated Compliance Account Manager coordinates your services across different countries and provides you with a complete overview of all your compliance activities and costs.


Unique and secure access to ERP’s Extranet for your national and European data. 

IT Tools for Declarations

Our custom-tailored Prodex tool manages producer related processes from put-on market declarations to invoices.

Compliance Recycling Consultancy
IT Tools for Waste Management & Traceability

Our custom-tailored tool – Flex – tracks your waste throughout the service cycle and manages your B2B take-back.

Compliance Recycling Consultancy

Full access to  consolidated reports.

Compliance Recycling

The opportunity to include affiliated companies in your services portfolio.

Associate Members

The option to include importers or distributors as associate members.


Private members’ forum, regulatory updates, corporate relations, newsletter.

Compliance Recycling Consultancy
EuropePlus Premium – Services on Demand

A full compliance offer with additional scalable, on-demand services for producers having obligations in several EuropePlus* countries would benefit from cost and time efficiencies, a lean & consolidated partner and outsourcing options.

Examples of on-demand services:

  • Customised Reports 

– tailored to meet  needs and requests.
  • Environmental Consultancy – full reporting on member’s recycling performance, supply chain carbon-footprint and conformity assessment.
  • Support for ROHS and REACH – compliance support with the ROHS and REACH Directives.
  • Regulatory Assistance – continual monitoring of regulatory requirements and analysis of how this will impact Producer’s business.
  • Authorised Representative Services – where authorised by national legislation.
  • Training – for member’s employees in charge of compliance (at European or national level).
  • Customisable IT Solution – ERP’s highly efficient IT management system tracks waste from collection to treatment.

  • Bespoke Events –  collection events targeting key end-users or specific products, as well as branded awareness-raising events.
  • Co-branded Communication Initiatives – joint communication activities.
  • Technical Studies and R&D Projects –  samplings, waste stream tests, product re-use opportunities, supply chain control measurements.


*EuropePlus countries= 28 EU member states + Israel, Norway, Switzerland & Turkey


Compliance Recycling Consultancy