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The New WEEE Directive

The European Recycling Platform provides full Photovoltaic (PV) Producer Compliance Services to help clients meet the terms of the new EU WEEE Directive.

The new WEEE Directive (August 14, 2012) makes PVM recycling a legal obligation across Europe. Moreover, the transposition of the WEEE directive into the legislation of member states means that waste PV Module collection and recycling are now subject to producer responsibility.


What do these legal obligations mean for your business?

  • PV Producers are defined as and include: manufacturers, distributors, resellers, importers and Internet or distance sellers of PV modules.
  • As a PV producer you are now legally responsible for financing and securing the collection and recycling of waste PV panels sold in EU Member States.
  • This also applies also to other devices that are part of PV plants/installations, such as inverters and energy storage devices (e.g. batteries and industrial accumulators)


From one EU WEEE Directive to 28 National Transpositions

The European WEEE directive has been officially transposed – thereby becoming a national law – into the legislation of many of the 28 EU Member States and will soon be transposed by others (Norway, Switzerland, etc.).

Each country has different authorities and local regulations requiring producers to follow to different reporting formats, deadlines and fees.

You can rely on ERP’s experience and cross-European platform to receive all necessary information and seamlessly comply with all of your producer obligations.


ERP provides full national and European-wide cost-effective

PV compliance services and consultancy.



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