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Pricing Policies

Our pricing policy reflects our origins. We were founded to provide an alternative to the monopoly take-back systems operating in several European countries. 

Local regulations, competition and customer demand have led to a great variety of pricing models. Notwithstanding the existence of a European Directive, national regulations require specific procedures that vary in each member state. It is not therefore possible to provide the same Europe-wide pricing policy.

Depending on the situation of each local market, ERP applies different fees. In terms of collection and treatment services, for instance, fees may vary from €/ton collected & treated to €/ton put-on-market or visible fees.

We review our operations and pricing every year. Effective operational and supply chain management often allow us to drive costs down.

We apply a fully transparent pricing mechanism and will provide any necessary clarification on our pricing policy.

Please contact our sales representatives for a cost estimate.

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