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We always aim to reduce complexity. Our learning centre helps to do just that. Here, you’ll find information and educational material related to waste management and compliance, WEEE, batteries, packaging recycling, the circular economy, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Why we need to recycle

As consumers buy more and more products (such as electronic devices), product lifecycles consistently decrease. This increases waste volume, such as discarded packaging and batteries and disused devices.

Effective recycling solutions benefit people, businesses, and the environment

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Recycling saves valuable raw materials and conserves energy.

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Our space is finite;
recycling reduces dramatically the need to allocate land for waste disposal.

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Environment & health

A safer and greener environment improves the quality and enjoyment of our lives.

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Energy savings

Recycling means we consume fewer materials, have less waste to treat, and spend less energy mining and refining new raw materials.


Hvad kan vi genanvende?

Genanvendelse skal være enkelt. Men med så mange typer produkter og materialer og flere forskellige emballagesymboler er det ikke altid let at skelne mellem, hvad der er genanvendeligt, og hvad der ikke er.

For at forenkle tingene har vi sammensat en interaktiv guide over, hvad I kan og ikke kan genanvende. Den indeholder nogle generelle oplysninger om, hvad der sker ved genanvendelse, og hvad der kan genbruges.

Få mere at vide om genanvendelsesprocessen ved at klikke på ikonerne nedenfor.

Large domestic appliances

This category includes appliances such as washing machines, cookers, dishwashers and tumble dryers.

The first stage of recycling is decontamination: cables and other electrical components are removed; ballasts, plastics, iron compounds and other metals are separated and recovered. These materials are then sent for further processing and recovery.

Recycling Process

  1. Pre-shedding
  2. Shredding
  3. Separation

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