Your responsibilities

What do I need to do?

You may need to make annual data submissions declaring the amount and type of packaging, WEEE, or batteries your business handled.

Gathering and compiling data is complex. You also need to know what you are obligated to report and ensure its accuracy. The more data that’s involved, the more difficult and time consuming this challenge becomes.

Our data experts can take care of this for you.

How ERP makes it easy for your business

Collecting product weights and calculating your declaration can be confusing and time consuming. You may have thousands of products, several different companies and complex data formats.

We will work with you to understand your business, products, packaging flows and raw data. Then, we can determine your reporting requirements, compile your data, and prepare it for submission.


  • Assessment

    Assess the regulations that apply to you, and your reporting requirements

  • Calculations

    Measure, weigh, and benchmark product packaging for you

  • Data compilation

    Work with you and your suppliers to compile accurate packaging data on your behalf, and take your packaging data and prepare returns for submission

How does it all work?

As one of Europe’s longest standing environmental data reporting business, our proven data collection and processing service guarantees peace of mind.

Our scope, experience and expertise combine to offer unparalleled solutions.


  • Our data services teams produce accurate data reports, which ensure that companies stay compliant, and this can help to reduce their costs.

    Richard Dove, Business Development Manager, ERP UK

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