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Producers of portable batteries, vehicle batteries and industrial batteries are legally required to coordinate and fund the collection and recycling of waste batteries.

A producer in the sense of § 13 a AWG (Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz – Waste Management Act) is

  • any person established in Austria who places batteries or accumulators, including batteries or accumulators integrated in devices or vehicles, on the Austrian market for the first time, regardless of the sales method (including distance selling).

According to the Battery Directive, producers of portable and vehicle batteries have to fulfil their take-back obligation by joining a compliance scheme like ERP, producers of industrial batteries can meet their obligations this way.


How ERP makes it easy for your business

For many businesses, battery compliance and collection and the associated fees can be complex. If your company is expanding in other European territories, this becomes increasingly complicated. The current issue of the collection of lithium batteries poses new challenges with which we would be happy to support you. We have excellent contacts to the stakeholders and work intensively together with all institutions to offer you a safe and economically attractive portfolio.

Our solutions cover all aspects of battery recycling and can simplify processes for all businesses, small to large.

We offer free battery boxes and collections for your premises, and provide small producers with a fixed compliance cost for the entire year.

How does it all work?

We collect batteries from over 1,600 collection points in the communal sector, and furthermore we provide services for the entire retail sector. We use this extensive network to collect the batteries that we need to meet our members’ obligations conscientiously and to the best possible conditions.

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Please consider any risks associated with the collection and storage of batteries at your premises.


  • With a collection rate of 49,2% in the battery sector in 2016, Austria continuously holds a top position among the EU countries.

    Mag. Elisabeth Giehser, General Manager Elektroaltgeräte-Koordinierungsstelle

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