Marketplace SUP

How we can help you

To comply with your obligations, Marketplace sellers have 3 main steps:

1. Announce an Authorized Representative:

It’s mandatory for a marketplace seller, who is not based in Austria, to announce an Authorized Representative.

The Authorized Representative Agreement needs to be certified by a notary or by some equivalent institution if allowed in the respective country of the marketplace seller.

The Authorized Representative becomes liable with regards to the marketplace sellers Extended Producers Responsibilities and is allowed to sign a contract with a PRO in the name of the marketplace seller, see point 2. The Austrian Authority accepts the Authorized Representative registrations quarterly, the first time by October 1st, 2022.

2. Join a PRO (ERP Austria):

The marketplace seller must join a PRO in order to legally comply with its Single-Use Plastics.

3. Reporting:

The marketplace seller is obliged to report the quantities of Single-Use Plastics put on the Austrian market

What is the definition of “SUP”

Single-use plastic items are made of plastic and generally intended to be used only once or for a short period of time before being disposed of. Reporting obligations exist for:

1. Beverage cups: Including their closures and lids, sold filled or unfilled.

2. Food packaging like take-away boxes: (Partial) Rigid disposable food packaging, such as: Boxes or other containers (with or without lids), made wholly or partly of plastic. Filling content up to 400g.

3. Bags and wrappers made of flexible material which contain food: Flexible disposable food packaging, wholly or partly made of plastic. Filling content up to 400g.

4. Beverage containers: Classified into PET beverage bottles, other beverage bottles and other beverage containers.

5. Wet wipes: Weight in wet condition considered.

6. Balloons

7. Tobacco products

8. Fishing gear that contains plastic