Online reporting

ERP Denmark members use our online reporting system, where they are able to report their data online, and review, download and print reports for previous declarations.

Customer service

• Registration with the local authority Danish Producer Responsibility Agency (DPA)
• Reviewing, processing, and submitting data to DPA
• Quality auditing programme to ensure you comply with regulations and do not pay more than necessary
• Online reporting system
• Support from dedicated and experienced compliance team
• Clear communication and analysis of regulatory and technical changes

Quality and environmental management

  • Managing relationships with local authorities
  • Managing relationships with suppliers
  • Supply chain audit programme
  • Advice on treatment and suppliers for your business
  • Assessment of WEEELabex, Cenelec and EPEAT standards through Our Group experts


Lobbying and influence

• Active response to government consultations
• Deep involvement with the shaping of WEEE and batteries regulations in the Denmark and Europe
• Active cooperation with other producer responsibility organisations within the area of WEEE, Batteries and other industries

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