On-line declarations

At ERP you can easily declare the EEE and/or battery and accumulator you placed on the market through our web page. All producers have a unique user name and password to access our platform, where as well as downloading the adhesion certificates and the certificates of the declarations already carried out, they can also see their current balance and download the latest invoices.

Standard services

  • Preliminary assistance regarding your obligations as a producer.
  • Inscription on the Registries of Producers of the Ministry of Industry (RII_AEE and RII_PYA).
  • On-line tool to make the reporting of the products put on the market.
  • Overturning of the data on the Registers (RII_AEE and RII_PYA).
  • Complying with the collection targets that correspond to you.
  • Preparing the annual reports for the public Administration.
  • Continued technical and legal support.
  • Information and guidance about any changes in regulation.

Customisable services

  • Specific collection services and other services adapted to our clients.
  • Support to foreign companies should they need an authorized representative..
  • Guidance in order to obtain international certificates (EPEAT, for example).
  • Joint recycling and environmental awareness campaigns.

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