The “Recycle Your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” Campaign

March 22nd, 2018

ERP collaborates in this initiative that has the aim of raising awareness among Valenican citizens about the need to correctly recycle electrical and electronic equipment

ERP Collaborates in the "Recycle Your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" Campaign

  • The environmental ambassadors travel around on bikes raise awareness among the population about the importance of correctly recycling electrical and electronic equipment

The Generalitat Valenciana, through the Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, together with Ambilamp, Ecoasimelec, Ecofimática, Ecolec, Ecolum, Ecotic, the European Recycling Platform and Fundación Eco-Raee’s have used this method in order to introduce the 3rd edition of the "Recycle your Equipment" campaign. This is an initiative that aims to raise awareness among the Valencian population about the need to correctly recycle electrical and electronic equipment.

The act, presided by the Autonomous Secretary of the Environment and Climate Change, Francisco Javier Quesada, was also attended by Julio Lema, Communication Manager at Recyclia and Jordi Julián, Project and Associated Companies Manager at Ecotic, in representation of all systems. During the presentation, they explained what the campaign involved, which, just like in previous editions, will be undergone in two phases: from April to June, in towns in the Valencian Community with more than 50,000 inhabitants, and from September to December, in municipalities with between 20,000 and 50,000 inhabitants.

The Autonomous Secretary insisted on the need of raising awareness among the population regarding the importance of recycling electrical and electronic equipment, due to its high degree of pollution. Likewise, he explained that "currently, there are numerous recycling facilities where you can deposit of this equipment, although with the "Recycle your Equipment" campaign we want to make it easier for residents to recycle". The Project and Associated Companies Manager at Ecotic highlighted the way the campaign has worked well ever since its first edition and the fact that expectations are exceeded each year. With this regard, he noted that in 2017 more than 4 tonnes of waste was collected.

This 3rd edition will get started on 3rd April and has the aim of continuing to increase the collection of electrical and electronic equipment; a challenge that has been exceeded in all previous editions and this year there is the aim of collecting more than 4 tonnes of recycled waste.

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