ERP Spain Launches New Website

April 23rd, 2018

With All the Information on Recycling of WEEE and Batteries Just a Click Away

ERP Spain Launches New Website with All the Information on Recycling of WEEE and Batteries Just a Click Away

  • The platform focuses on responding to the needs of producers of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators and the doubts of final users regarding how to recycle them.

European Recycling Platform España (ERP España) has launched a new website which, with more visual content, brings all the necessary and detailed information on the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment in Spain to the different interested audiences in a way that is more intuitive and more accessible.

The new website is designed as a more visual space, accessible from computers and mobile devices, with contents that have been updated, reviewed and ordered in a more intuitive way to facilitate browsing the site. It also integrates direct access to the rest of the websites for other countries where ERP currently operates, as it has been designed as part of an overall process of updating the company's websites. In this sense, special care was taken to develop a scheme for shared content that makes it easy for customers that operate in several countries to browse all the contents.

What's more, new information has been added, prepared under the premise of giving greater weight to the professional user, especially producers of electrical and electronic equipment and batteries who, through the platform, can easily ascertain their obligations and identify the steps to be taken to comply with WEE and RPA regulations in Spain and request assistance from ERP with just one click.

There is also a space on the website for final consumers, ultimately responsible for closing the circle of the recycling chain by bringing their electronic devices and used batteries to the appropriate collection points for the correct management at the end of their useful life. Where can I take used electrical and electronic equipment? Who pays for the recycling? What use is made of the materials obtained after recycling? What are the dangers of not correctly recycling WEEE and RPA? These are just some of the questions you can find a response to on ERP España's new website.

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