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Launching of the Sixth Edition of Apilo XII

  • Arranged by the Catalonian Waste Agency, with ERP’s collaboration (to include PROs)

Along with Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) for batteries and accumulators ERP, Ecopilas, UNIBAT and Ecolec, the Catalonian Waste Agency has started up the sixth edition of the Apilo XII school contest to gather batteries.

Candidates may enrol starting next 25 November, until 28 February 2020. All participating schools will have until 30 April to gather the maximum number of portable batteries, held in containers installed for this purpose at each school.

All participants will enter a contest for one of two 2,000 euro prizes in the general category (the school gathering the most batteries in all of Catalonia and the school preparing the best campaign to encourage selective battery collection), or one of the four 1,500 euro prizes in territorial categories by province.

Schools may also apply to have a workshop-seminar arranged on their facilities, “Apilo XII Mission in Catalonia’s schools”, addressed to Years Five and Six (Primary School) and Years One and Two (Secondary School) students, and the storytelling activity entitled “Secrets of the Apilo mission”, conceived for children between 4 and 6 years old.