ERP Spain announcement on COVID-19

March 18th, 2020

ERP Spain team is telecommuting, fully operational to provide service to its clients and collaborators, complying with the limitations of the Alarm State.

ERP Spain announcement on COVID-19 to all their collaborators facing the COVID-19 crisis

  • ERP Spain team is telecommuting, fully operational to provide service to its clients and collaborators, complying, of course, with the external limitations and conditions derived from the State of Alarm. The activity of collection and management of WEEE and waste batteries will be likely very affected in the coming weeks.

Following the news development from the last days and taking into account that we are facing an exceptional situation, both as a country and globally, we would like to inform all our collaborators about the measures we are taking in this public health emergency.

During the last weeks, ERP Spain has taken all the necessary measures to assure and protect our employees’ health (cancelling business trips, meetings, promoting behaviors to avoid infections and, when possible, facilitating teleworking). From Friday 13, all ERP Spain employees are working remotely, and up to date, we confirm that we are all fine.

In any case, ERP Spain team is fully operational, working business as usual, with the external limitations that are taking place these days. We will logically adapt to the measures that National Authorities might command at each moment. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone in case of anything you may need.

As you can imagine, collection and recycling of WEEE and waste batteries have been and will be very affected in the next weeks. The current situation of municipal and other collection points differs from one region to another. Some municipal collection points have restricted hours or have closed. Others continue operating relatively normally. Many shops and distribution centers are closed following the instructions of Emergency State Royal Decree. The ones that are allowed to be opened work with logical limitations. Finally, some waste operators (carriers, consolidation centers and treatment plants) have established certain limitations.

At ERP we are analyzing case by case so we can adapt to changing needs with our goal to maintain our service at our standard quality levels. Always in coordination with the Authorities, our customers and suppliers. We trust that we can go back to normality as soon as possible, overcoming all of us this delicate situation.

We hope that all our collaborators, their families and other friends stay in good health and that we can return to normality as soon as possible, overcoming this delicate situation.

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