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Pilabot campaign reactivated

  • ERP is involved in this Regional Government of Galicia initiative aimed at collecting batteries in schools

On Thursday 15 October, the General Directorate for Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Climate Change (part of the Department for the Environment, Territory and Housing) restarted the final phase of the schools battery-collection competition as part of the Pilabot campaign.

The campaign has been organised in partnership with the authorised battery SCRAPs in Galicia (including ERP) and had been temporarily suspended last March because of the Covid-19 crisis. At that time, some of the participating schools were actively in the competition phase, meaning that their involvement was pending.

Now, with primary and secondary school students returning to classrooms, the Pilabot campaign is restarting the activities and going ahead with the remaining activities to conclude the competition. This means 55 schools and institutes that had not yet completed their participation period will be able to complete the 6 school weeks as required under the competition rules.