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ERP highlights the role of PROs in F-Gas Recovery

  • In a webinar on the European KET4FGAS European project, on which it collaborates as an associate

The Director of Operations of European Recycling Platform for Spain and Portugal, Matías Rodrigues, underlined the role of the Compliance Schemes when it comes to implementing new technologies for F-gas recovery developed under the European KET4FGAS project in the, during his presentation as part of a webinar organised by the Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega (FEUGA).

Matias Rodrigues noted that “correct management of the end of life of fridges and other temperature exchange devices with refrigerant gases contributes significantly to the reduction of F-gas emissions to the atmosphere”. The selective collection and processing of WEEE, organised and financed by the collective extended producer responsibility systems, provides for the controlled extraction of these gases at authorised recycling plants, key when it comes to emission leaks.

The project, in which ERP Spain participates as an associate, with the geographic scope of SUDOE (southeast Europe), where at present there is no technology applied in this area.