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Green Alley Award 2021: Agricultural waste as a biodegradable alternative to plastic

  • Traceless Materials scoops the prize, awarded by Grupo Landbell, parent company of ERP

This year’s Green Alley Award has gone to Traceless Materials, a German Company, for their biodegradable plastic alternative, manufactured from waste from agricultural industry. The award, presented annually by Landbell Group, the parent company of ERP Spain, with a prize of 25,000 euros for the best European sustainable business ideas aligned with the tenets of the circular economy.

Thanks to the special technology developed by Traceless Materials, waste from the agricultural industry is transformed into a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to plastic: containers and film wrap and hard plastic and even plastic cladding. The result is a completely natural material that, as well as a fully biological base, can also be composted in a period of between two to nine weeks if deposited in an organic compost container.

The six shortlisted proposals presented their projects at the ceremony, which this year was hosted virtually in order to comply with the COVID protocols of the different countries of the participants.