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ERP highlights the importance of improving WEEE management procedures at Civic Amenities

  • At a seminar on the European ESTRAEE project

The Director of Operations of European Recycling Platform for Spain and Portugal, Matías Rodrigues, underlined the importance of drafting and using WEEE management manuals at bring centres, as they allow for the standardisation of procedures, facilitating and improving traceability and management of this waste in general. He made these statements during his appearance at a seminar organised by the ESTRAEE Project and the Provincial Authority of Pontevedra in collaboration with ERP, Lipor, Energy Lab and Revertia, to summarise the project.

ERP, which has a presence in two of the countries where this project is active and more than 15 years’ experience in the management of this kind of waste, set outs targets for increasing the capture of WEEE at Civic Amenities through the improvement of traceability, safety of the municipal facility and other control and management procedures.

Special emphasis was placed on fostering and promoting the preparation of WEEE for reuse where possible, a practice that also allows for the reduction of the digital gap, taking care of the entire process from delivery on the part of the user to reintroduction into the rescue market.