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ERP Spain sponsors Palma Muntanya Film

  • The aim is to raise social awareness of natural spaces through cinema

ERP España is sponsoring the 12th edition of Palma Muntanya Film, a traditional local festival that raises awareness of natural spaces through cinema. ERP is the is the only pan-European Compliance scheme operating in Spain.

The festival highlights the need to respect and admire natural spaces and their biodiversity – especially in the mountains – without forgetting about the challenge and responsibility of conserving our natural and cultural heritage for society as a whole. These objectives are in line with the working philosophy of ERP, regularly involved in awareness actions to promote respect for our natural environment through the correct management and selective collection of used batteries and accumulators and WEEE.

In this regard, during the festival, attendees will be given compilers to separate their used portable batteries at home. You can also view the video Separar nos une (Separating brings us together) focussed on the advantages of selective collection and recycling.