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ERP collaborates on a campaign to foster selective collection of WEEE in Catalonia

  • Promoted by the Waste Agency of Catalonia in collaboration with the WEEE PROs

The Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC) has launched a new campaign with the slogan Recicla’m com em mereixo (Recycle me like I deserve) to foster the selective collection of electrical and electronic equipment with the collaboration of the WEEE PROs operating in Catalonia, including ERP Spain and the representatives of local entities and the Provincial Authority of Barcelona.

The actions kick off this weekend at 21 shopping centres where shoppers will be given information. The objective is, firstly, to prioritise the extension of the useful life of devices where possible through recovery and reconditioning.

The campaign informs citizens and companies in the sectors involved (manufacturing, distribution, etc.) of the need for correct management of WEEE and the priority of collecting these unused devices should be focussed on specialised stores, shopping centres and home deliveries as well as Civic Amenities.