Local entities

Local entities have made a network of fixed and mobile recycling centres and other mechanisms available to citizens to guarantee the correct selective collection of WEEE and WBA.

ERP Spain collaborates with these entities through Framework Agreements in each Autonomous Community or through bilateral or multilateral agreements in some municipalities.

EEE Distributors

All shops that sell electrical or electronic equipment (including those that do so on the internet or from a distance) have to accept customers handing to them a WEEE of a similar type of that carries out the same functions as the one they have bought.

Furthermore, shops that have more than 400 m2 dedicated to selling EEE must accept small WEEE (no dimension greater than 25 cm) without the need for purchase of a new equivalent piece of equipment being bought.

ERP Spain makes it easier for shops and logistics platforms of all types to comply with these obligations.

Distributors of batteries and accumulators

All shops that sell portable batteries and accumulators or equipment that includes them, must allow users to hand over their waste portable batteries and accumulators free of charge without the need for them making a purchase.

ERP Spain offers container solutions suited to the needs of every kind of shop.

Other collection points

ERP Spain also incorporates other collection points on its network to ensure the greatest coverage across the country. We collaborate with schools, hospitals, universities, administrations, companies and other public and private bodies with the aim of facilitating the selective collection of WEEE and WBA.

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