Producers' responsibilities

If you place on the market electrical and electronic equipment, you have a series of legal responsibilities, which include financing its management once it has been converted into waste. Complying with all of these obligations can be complex and cumbersome.

By joining ERP, you can easily comply with all this. Moreover, our global presence will make it easier for you to comply with the obligations in every country where you market equipment or have the intention of doing so.


What can ERP do for your business?

We will help you in every stage, from identifying the obligations right up to registering on the Registry of Producers and the quarterly declarations of equipment placed on the market. Our services go far beyond the legal requirements and adapt to the specific needs of your business.

We can offer you specific collection and management services, which are adapted to your needs, from specific certificates to the on-site destruction of equipment, for example.

  • Protection

    Our main aim is to ensure that you comply with the collection targets set out by the regulation at all times.

  • Transparency

    A clear price system based on the proportional distribution of effectively borne costs.

  • Help

    Continued support with everything regarding your business’s extended responsibility.

How does it all work?

Every day we work to improve the competitiveness and innovation of logistical and recycling solutions.

This allows us to offer the best price to our members.

what happens to your waste


  • In 2018, ERP Spain collected 27,196 tons of household and professional WEEE, avoiding the emission of almost 300,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

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