Your responsibilities

What do I need to do?

If you place portable batteries or accumulators on the Finnish market, you need to join a compliance scheme and contribute to the costs of recycling a percentage of waste batteries returned by consumers after use.

The regulations can be complex and the collection targets get more ambitious as circular economy legislation evolves. If your company is expanding in other European countries, the challenge includes added complexity and changing policies, making it difficult to confidently calculate what you must pay.

We can make this easy for you, and add extra value along the way.

How compliance works


How ERP makes it easy for your business

Through ERP Finland, a producer may acquire legal compliance for Batteries and WEEE with a single agreement.

On top of fulfilling legal compliance requirements, ERP also offers value added services for its members and other producers. These services include bespoke take-back solutions from your customers, specialist services such as recall services and consulting for international compliance in WEEE, Batteries, Packaging, REACH and RoHS.

Get cost estimate

  • Under 200 kg

    For businesses that put between one and 200 kg of batteries on the Finnish market each year, we offer an all-inclusive fee which includes our membership fee, registration to PIRELY and all recycling costs.

  • Over 200 kg

    For businesses that place 200 kg or more of portable batteries on the Finnish market annually, you pay a compliance fee per tonne of obligation only. We only charge you for what we do on your behalf.

How does it all work?

The batteries are collected in Finland from 12 000 collection points in retail outlets and waste management service providers. This collection is organised in cooperation by portable battery compliance schemes, Recser and ERP. All the producers who have joined these schemes participate in collection and recycling of batteries from this comprehensive collection network.

We perform regular tenders and quality audits to ensure cost efficiency and quality standards for waste treatment services. Through our international sourcing professional network we can ensure competitiveness of recycling services.

Let us make compliance easy for you!

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