Authorised representative services

For EU distant sellers, we offer authorised representation through our service company ERP Services Finland Oy.

European Services

Do you export in other countries within EU? Do you sell directly to end-users (private, professional) in other EU countries?

We can guide you through the process by performing compliance assessment. Legal obligations assessment, registration and reporting services provided by our international compliance experts. Wide range of alternatives starting from multi-country legal requirements check ending to complete business process outsourcing of your compliance activities wherever you sell.

Our global Take-Back solutions team design tailor-made solutions for our customers. The team speaks 30+ languages and is able to guide you through all the relevant local regulations.

Take-back solutions

On top of meeting the legal requirements for our members, we can also provide bespoke take-back solutions and other waste services for products, ie. PV-panels, ICT-equipment and spare parts. Our product take-back offering also includes various specialist services, such as secure destruction, if required by the customer. Customised collection from your customers, management of documenting, recycling and reporting activities.

Whether you need to recall defect products or arrange collection of individual customer returns, we can offer easy solutions for you to fit your needs.

Does your company sell packaged goods to Germany?

The German Packaging Act, which entered into force in January 2019, obliges all manufacturers and retailers placing packaging on the German market to apply for a licence through a packaging scheme.

The Act, which applies to mail order companies, eBay sellers and operators of small online shops, encompasses all packaging materials and has no minimum threshold – as soon as you place packaging on the German market, then you must join a scheme.

Need to comply? EASy-Shop is a simple online solution with the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy registration – suitable for very small quantities
  • Immediate and full compliance for as little as €75 per year

More information about EASy-Shop


Regulatory knowledge is the lifeblood of the Landbell Group and we have built up an extensive knowledge in this space. The group has created a team focusing on this – utilizing internal and external sources and shaping an internal knowledge database.

Worldwide Chemical Regulatory knowledge (e.g. REACH and RoHS) has been built up over the last ten years. This includes tracking of substance lists (bans, authorization, reporting) that became a key requirement for organizations throughout the world.


  • Impacts both chemicals and articles (e.g. a chair, a PC, a mobile phone, etc.).
  • Chemicals produced or imported into the EU in quantities greater than 1 Tonne must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency.
  • Targeted assessment of registered substances
  • Pre-approval for the use of certain Substances of Very High Concern
  • Targeted limitation on uses of certain substances
  • All substances, manufactured, imported as such, in mixture or article


  • Provision of support on the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment
  • Limits the presence of certain substances in electronic and electrical equipment
  • CE mark legislation which has significant implications for companies placing electronic and electrical equipment on the market (e.g. ROHS documentation).
  • Provision of worldwide transport regulatory support.
  • Provision of classification and labelling support outside the EU – although most countries used GHS as the basis, there are differences between the actual implementation requirements around the world
  • Provision of toxicological assessment and advice to support chemical usage and worker safety