Global take-back solutions

Our global Take-Back solutions team design tailor-made solutions for our customers. The team speaks 30+ languages and is able to guide you through all the relevant local regulations.

The team is:

  • focused on your needs to maximise your benefits and minimise your environmental footprint
  • committed to developing and delivering innovative solutions that create new business opportunities for you
  • innovative in designing logistic and treatment networks in highly regulated markets

Waste management for the EEE industry

Global waste management solutions compliant with local and international regulations:

  • Collection and treatment at audited treatment sites
  • Cloud-based Track &Trace IT and compliance reporting
  • Website design and maintenance

Take-back of Li-ion batteries

Ensuring compliance with ADR regulations for whole and damaged Li-ion batteries:

  • Packaging and labelling
  • Collection and transport
  • Treatment in specialized recycling facilities

Asset management

Maximising revenue from end-of-life IT assets compliant with corporate standards and local law:

  • Classification as product or waste
  • Collection, treatment and re-marketing
  • Wiping of personal data

Secure destruction

Protecting brand reputation, as well as personal and other sensitive data:

  • Onsite destruction
  • Secured transportation and storage
  • Witnessed destruction or destruction under CCTV surveillance

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