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  • 遵守WEEE法规;
  • 组织和资助WEEE的收集,处理和回收;
  • 在国家EEE生产者注册处注册;
  • 每年向国家登记册通报上一年投放市场的电子电气设备的数量和类别,以及收集,再利用和回收的电子电气设备的数量和类别;
  • 在使用EEE详细说明环境和健康影响的说明中插入有关正确WEEE处理的充分信息,以及对任何非法处置的处罚。

Consortium ERP ITALIA为生产者提供法律管理并遵守WEEE和电池法规。

Consortium ERP Italia是一个非营利性合规计划,履行生产者的法律义务,管理废弃电气和电子设备(WEEE),电池和蓄电池,以便回收利用。

ERP Italia是领先的非营利性WEEE联盟之一,根据欧盟指令2012/19 / EU运营,该指令由意大利第49/2014号法令和意大利电池和蓄电池法令188/2008在意大利实施。

有关ERP Italia合规计划的所有信息和详细信息,请随时联系ERP Italia.

ERP Italia 人员可以用 意大利语或英语 提供所有相关信息


或者联系以下号码 +(39) 02 89367460。


Producers and Exporters of WEEE and Batteries in Italy must comply with the regulatory requirements concerning the end-of-life management of their products according to the Extended Producers Responsibility (ERP) Principle.

Companies that produce or import equipment and products such as:

electrical or IT products, PCs, computers, printers, large and small household appliances, IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer equipment and air conditioners, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, toys and leisure and sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring and control instruments, vending machines, batteries and accumulators, and photovoltaic panels.

In particular, Over board, home automation system, cable and accessories, access control, electrical door block  etc…


  • Comply with WEEE legislation;
  • Organize and finance WEEE collection, treatment and recycling;
  • Register with the National Register of EEE Producers;
  • Annually notify the National Register of the quantities and categories of EEE placed on the market in the previous year, as well as those collected, reused, recycled and recovered;
  • Insert adequate information regarding proper WEEE disposal within the instructions for the use of EEE detailing the environmental and health impact, and the penalties for any illegal disposal.

Consortium ERP Italia supports Producers with legal management and compliance with WEEE and Batteries regulations.

Consortium ERP Italia is a non-profit compliance scheme which carries out Producers’ legal obligations for the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Batteries and Accumulators for recycling.

ERP Italia is one of the leading non-profit WEEE Consortia and operates under the European Directive 2012/19/EU which was implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree No. 49/2014 for EEE and Legislative Decree 188/2008 for Batteries and Accumulators.

For all information and details on the ERP Italia Compliance scheme, do not hesitate to contact ERP Italia.

All information for first contact are provided by ERP Italia in Italian or in English language.


or contact the following number +(39) 02 89367460.