by ERP Italia

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On 30 March, the European Commission published its legislative proposal for the planned revision of the eco-design provisions. The regulation on eco-design and sustainable products, which is set to replace the current eco-design directive, covers products from other sectors, as well as energy-related products. In addition, the existing requirements are set to be tightened.

The new regulation forms the basis for establishing legal requirements for the design of products, covering durability, reusability, upgradability, reparability, the presence of substances of concern, energy and resource efficiency, the share of recycled materials, remanufacturing, high-quality recycling, as well as CO2 and environmental footprints.

The regulation provides much needed provisions regarding the sustainability of products. Product groups such as batteries and packaging are likely to remain exempt, as they already have their own regulations. For electrical and electronic equipment, new specifications may be implemented: for example, for reusability and reparability.

In the coming weeks, the Commission’s proposal will be publicly consulted. Then, the normal legislative procedure in the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union will begin.