Global Recycling Day, March 18th

February 25th, 2019

The theme of the 2019 year is “Recycling into the Future” so that the Global Recycling Day 2019 is focusing on the power of Youth, in order to ensure a brighter future for children.

You can download the pack from the Recycling Global Day site, to better understand this important Day celebration. Here it is the link:

The pack is designed to make it easier for teachers to plan a lesson around recycling and inspire their students with the power of recycling.

The education pack includes:

Global Recycling Day lesson plan and resources: Including a devised set of materials that teachers can use as classroom decorations and as the basis for a lesson plan on recycling. These can be adapted for a range of ages and include:

How to Celebrate Global Recycling Day schools framework A lesson plan on Amazing things made out of recycled goods (including games and activities) A fact sheet on Fun and not so fun facts about recycling A Global Recycling Day poster for classrooms The recycling citizen infographic

The Celebrating Recycling Day 2019 Schools Framework includes a light guide of activities for inside and outside the classroom. The guide includes 4 simple steps to be followed.

1) School’s Litter Pickup

Hold a children’s litter pick-up in your local area and invite children to get involved in cleaning up the planet in a hands-on yet fun way. We recommend this as a lunch break activity and some further suggestions of running the event include:

Invite children to wear green as a symbol of solidarity.

Prior to the event, organisers should devise a number of different routes around the local area which students (accompanied with their teachers) can follow, and source rubbish bags that participants can use to collect the litter they find.

Initial briefing to students at the start of the pick-up, discussing Global Recycling Day, its themes, and the specific event being held.

Set a time limit of 45 minutes to collect as much rubbish as possible. After 45 minutes, return to the original meeting point where groups use the litter to spell out #GRD and share their activities on social media.

Organisers could also invite local media to attend and take some photos of the group at the beginning, while collecting rubbing around the local area at the end.

2) #RecyclingGoals Activities

#RecyclingGoals is a social media movement, in the style of the ice-bucket challenge, which will run in the lead up to Global Recycling Day and on the day itself. Schools can host their own

#RecyclingGoals activities at school and teachers can encourage students to share their "goals" on social media. The challenge works as follows:

Social media users will be asked to take a video of themselves scoring a "Top Bins" goal (in a recycling bin in the top corner of the goal or just a normal goal) whilst pledging to make a long term commitment to better recycling practices e.g. “I pledge to recycle all my plastic drinking bottles from today and I nominate John Smith to take the #RecyclingGoals challenge”.

Encourage children and teenagers around the world to share their videos online on social media.

3) Global Recycling Day lesson plan

A set of materials that teachers can use as decoration in classrooms and as the basis for a lesson plan on the importance of recycling. These are all available on the Youth & Education page on Global Recycling Day site and can be adapted for a range of ages. Materials include:

A Poster showing support for Global Recycling Day 2019

The recycling citizen infographic: The list reflects hot topics in the recycling industry, from single use plastics to climate change and the circular economy. The promises also allow children to think about how they can be more involved in creating good recycling habits, and to get them thinking about this from a young age.

Fun and not so fun facts sheet on recycling

10 amazing things made out of recycled goods presentation and activities.

4) Sharing on social media

Don’t forget to share your activities on social media tagging the Global Recycling Day channels below!

Share your video on social media using #GlobalRecyclingDay, #RecyclingGoals, #GRDschools and tagging:

Twitter: @GlbRecyclingDay

Facebook and Instragram: @globalrecyclingday


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