Landbell packaging scheme to meet increased recycling targets in Germany

December 12th, 2019

Landbell Group's German packaging scheme, Landbell, will meet the requirements of the new Packaging Law in Germany. The recycling quotas will be reached for all materials despite significantly higher requirements. Landbell had already taken the appropriate precautions for this shortly after publication of the new regulations.

“For us, compliance with legal requirements and the fulfilment of contractual obligations towards our customers form the basis of our business. A business model that takes into account the deliberate violation of quotas is completely unacceptable for us,” says Jan-Patrick Schulz, CEO of Landbell Group. “Even though the increased quotas of the Packaging Law pose a major challenge for all actors concerned, there was time to prepare. Landbell set the necessary course in good time and also took into account the usual changes in quantities and material flows on the customer side in its careful planning.” The fact that Landbell Group is debt-free, has a very good equity ratio and a long-term, sustainable business model also gives the company the resilience and durability to respond to change.

Against the background of the new Packaging Act, manufacturers and distributors of packaging that are required to join a take-back scheme are strongly recommended to select their partner carefully to ensure conformity with the legal framework, and thus meet both their social responsibility and customer expectations.

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