ERP Italy launches video campaign

November 2nd, 2020

ERP Italy is launching a video communication campaign for Italian producers of electronics and batteries that have compliance obligations. The campaign, which will run until the end of the year, will be on the company’s LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

The videos feature Alberto Canni Ferrari, head of ERP Italy, and Daniela Carriera, sales, marketing and business development director. In each video, Alberto and Daniela explain a specific concept relating to the circular economy, extended producer responsibility, and the company’s principles, values, and global and local organization.

The first video was made for the event “Riavviamo l’Export”, which is organized by the ANIMA Federation and supported by ERP Italy. This initiative is dedicated to the relaunch of exports in the wake of the pandemic. The emergency has hit exports hard and this sector is crucial to many Italian companies.

For more details on the event, and to watch the first video, please click here.

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