German Packaging Act: first new changes in force

October 13th, 2021

The first changes to the amendment of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) came into force on 3 July 2021. Further changes will follow in the course of 2022.

One of the areas affected is “packaging that is not subject to system participation”.

What is “packaging that is not subject to system participation” and what changes result from the amendment to the Packaging Act?

Here are some examples:

  • Transport packaging: this packaging facilitates the handling and transport of goods by avoiding direct contact with the goods and transport damage (in commerce). It is typically not intended to be passed on to end consumers. Classic examples are pallets or bulk packaging.
  • Sales and outer packaging which, after use, typically are not generated as waste for private end consumers: Classic examples are sales or secondary packaging intended for commercial or industrial enterprises, such as large commercial packaging, export packaging, etc.
  • Sales and secondary packaging for which system participation is not possible due to pollutant and/or health risks during recycling.
  • Sales packaging of pollutant-containing filling goods
  • Reusable packaging: this is designed and intended to be reused several times for the same purpose after use, and their actual return and reuse is made possible by adequate logistics and encouraged by suitable incentive systems, usually deposits.

Do you handle “packaging that is not subject to system participation”? Landbell has summarized all the important information for you here and will be happy to support you in preparing to meet the new packaging law obligations.

If you need support, please contact Landbell Group

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