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Click & Comply

Click & Comply? Yes, it can be that simple…

To give our customers a quick and easy way to buy compliance products online, European Recycling Platform (ERP) Netherlands has launched a new online store.

At Click & Comply, you can find various service packages for your legal security and compliance for your distribution of Textiles.

You get audited by the Dutch authorities and need support? Or do you have a very wide range of different articles in your product portfolio that you sell onto the Dutch market and therefore find yourself in very time-consuming reporting obligations?

ERP Netherlands offers simple and quick solutions so you can better focus on your core business!

With our Click & Comply shop you can purchase our service packages online and receive full guidance throughout all steps of the compliance process of Textiles in the Netherlands.

Based on the amount of textiles that you put on the Dutch market and how detailed you want to report we have a suitable package for you.

Select and purchase one of our compliance packages, become a member of ERP Netherlands and start fulfilling all legal requirements today by clicking here.