Producer responsibility
Electrical and electronic products and Batteries may contain health and environmental harmful substances. The collection, sorting and treatment of the waste are therefore regulated in the WEEE-Directive. Our goal is to assist the manufacturers of electrical and electronic products (EEE) and Batteries to best protect nature and the environment. As an approved compliance scheme for WEEE and Batteries, ERP takes responsibility for the collection and treatment. All producers and importers in Norway are required to be a member of a compliance scheme. An environmental fee is added to the price of goods coming out on the market. The amount of the fee is determined by the costs associated with collection and recycling of the product.

In order to follow up producers and importers of EE products & Batteries, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency has established the EE register. The EE register has an overview of all manufacturers and importers of EE products and informs them of what duties the waste regulations impose on them.

Municipalities and Retailers
All municipal recycling stations are obliged to receive EE and Battery waste from consumers – completely free of charge.
The same applies to retailers selling the same type of product that the consumer wishes to discard, regardless of brand. Therefore, municipalities and retailers must also be affiliated with an approved compliance scheme for handling the EE waste and Batteries.

Treatment of WEEE
As a member of ERP, we ensure that all obligations are met. We assist in the collection, transportation and processing of discarded electrical and electronic products. We also take care of all reporting to the Producer Registry.
ERP cooperates with Stena Recycling, MetallCo AS and HRS MetallCo AS for nationwide collection and transportation solutions. The WEEE and Batteries are shipped to their treatment facility where it is sorted and treated in accordance with regulations on waste recycling and treatment. Useful products are set aside for reuse. They extract valuable resources such as steel, copper, aluminum and other valuable metals for reuse. The goal is that most of the waste will go back in to the cycle.

4 Million tons in Europe
At European level, ERP has collected and treated over 4 million tonnes of WEEE since its startup in 2002. It corresponds to approximately 396 Eiffel Towers or 146 Color Magic ships since 2005.