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What do I need to do?

If you place electrical and electronic equipment and batteries on the Norwegian market, you need to join a compliance scheme and contribute to the costs of recycling a percentage of the electronic products. With ERP you can place five ton of electrical and electronic equipment and 200 kg of batteries for a fixed rate.

WEEE regulations can be complex. Changing policies means the rules can vary annually, making it difficult to confidently calculate what you must pay. If your company is expanding in other European territories, these challenges multiply.

We can make this easy for you, and add extra value along the way.


How ERP makes it easy for your business

We can assist at every stage in the disposal of WEEE and Batteries and handle all the complexities, making things as simple as possible. Our solutions help you meet or surpass national standards and provide the best value for your business needs.

Using our experienced operations team and NO-wide network of licensed waste carriers and treatment operators, ERP can arrange for the collection and treatment of WEEE and Batteries from member sites.

We can provide bespoke take-back solutions and other waste services, and our product take-back offer also includes specialist services, such as secure destruction, if required.

  • Value

    Single price per tonne for each type of household electrical and electronic equipment

  • Transparency

    Clear pricing and invoicing that shows exactly what we do for you

  • Support

    Support for takeback of your products

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