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Consumers role

As consumers buy more and more products, product lifecycles consistently decrease. This increases waste volume, such as discarded packaging, batteries, and disused devices. Simple solutions can relieve the pressure.

Effective recycling solutions benefit people, businesses, and the environment. And they are needed more than ever at a time when waste volumes are increasing and efficient ways must be found to recycle electronic devices, batteries, bottles, paper metal, glass, packaging, and more.


Recycling materials for a healthy environment

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Recycling saves valuable raw materials and conserves energy. Our planet’s resources are finite. Only increased use of secondary raw materials can stop the linear economy and conserve available resources.

Our space is finite; landfills poison our environment with hazardous, toxic substances.

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A safer and greener environment improves the quality and enjoyment of our lives.

Recycling means we consume fewer materials, have less waste to treat, and spend less energy mining and refining new raw materials.

Where should you dispose of your used equipment?

E-waste should not end up in an ordinary municipal waste container. For throwing the device in a place not intended for this, there are high fines – up to PLN 5,000. Broken but complete equipment can be returned in several different ways:

  • To one of the points of selective collection of electrical waste (PSZOK). PSZOK will also accept incomplete equipment.
  • Large electro-markets, the area of which exceeds 400 square meters, are obliged to accept any used equipment up to 25 cm in size. Regardless of whether we buy a new device there or not.
  • The customer has the option of returning used equipment during specially organized local collections of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • If you purchase new equipment with home delivery, you can request a free collection of a used device of the same type and function as the new purchased equipment
  • Service point – equipment sent to a service point, repair is unprofitable or impossible for technical reasons – the service is obliged to accept the device free of charge.
  • Place in special containers intended for a given type of waste.

The crossed-out waste bin visible on the equipment or its packaging is information about the prohibition of placing used equipment together with other waste, as well as about environmental hazards. Selective collection symbol