EEE Producer´s Extended Responsibility

According to the Decree-Law no. 152-D / 2017, of December 11, no. 1 of Article 3, the “producer of the product” is “a natural or legal person who, regardless of the selling technique used, including sales made by means of distance communication and not including those exclusively financing under a financing agreement, unless it also acts as a producer within the meaning of the following sub-paragraphs:

i) Is established in the national territory and manufactures, has or designs products under its own name or brand and sells them in Portugal;

ii) Is established in the national territory and resells, hiring or any other form of put on the market, in Portugal, under a name or own brand, of the product;

iii) Imports products from a third country or from another Member State of the European Union;

iv) Sells, leases or otherwise makes available products on the market by means of distance communication techniques directly to private or non-private users in Portugal and is established in another Member State of the European Union or in a third country.

If the company does not have facilities in Portugal and works with a foreign VAT, it must elect an authorized representative to assume the legal obligations in force.

How ERP Portugal can help

ERP Portugal, as a compliance scheme licensed by the Portuguese State, guarantees to its Members, Producers of EEE, the legal fulfillment of their obligations, in accordance with Decree-Law no. 152-D / 2017, of December 11.

Our team is available to support in all phases of the joining process, including registration in the Portuguese Environment Agency SILiAmb platform, identification of products put on the national market and which are covered by the scope of the activity of the compliance scheme, until submission of the annual declarations.

To join ERP Portugal, the Producer must:

1. Pre-registration of Producer of EEE and/or BA in the Portuguese Environment Agency;
2. Register the company data at ERP Portugal website;
3. Send a copy of the company’s commercial certificate or the access code to the permanent certificate;
4. Signing the Member contract.

Member Contract Template


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