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ERP Portugal ensures compliance with legal obligations under the Extended Producer’s Responsibility, in which companies must assume the environmental impacts resulting from the use of products that are put on the national market (electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators).

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In the set of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) we find all the equipment that need electric current or electromagnetic to operate, as well as the equipment of their generation, transfer and measurement.

Batteries and accumulators include “any source of electrical energy obtained by direct transformation of chemical energy consisting of one or more non-rechargeable primary cells or one or more rechargeable secondary elements.” (Decree-Law No. 152-D / 2017, of December 11).

The management of more than one waste stream (WEEE and RPA) allows ERP Portugal to create synergies, streamline processes and reduce the administrative process associated to this activity.

Currently, more than 700 companies are part of the Producers universe who have trusted the fulfillment of their obligations to ERP Portugal:

Joining to WEEE and WBA Compliance Scheme is simple and fast, only implies the signing of a contract of responsibility transfer, according to the products put on the national market.

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