by Filipa Moita

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde promoted environmental practices in Paredes de Coura

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde (waste management compliance schemes) continue their strategy of education and awareness through mechanisms of activation of appropriate environmental behaviors, in particular regarding the routing of electrical and electronic, batteries and packaging waste.

The next initiative of this kind will take place in the village of Paredes de Coura, between the 12th and 18th of August, with special emphasis on the Festival place and the center of the village, privileged places for this purpose, since they will be frequented by an increasing number of receptive people.

The various promoters who will be on the ground will motivate the participation in awareness activities that will involve the public, namely through direct contact with the channels that lead to the recycling of waste, allowing their proper separation and routing.

ERP Portugal will play a game about Depositrão and Novo Verde will be represented by “human ecopoints”, responsible for the selective collection of paper/carton, plastic and glass packaging, to be raffled in a tombola to offer tickets for the next festival edition.

The sponsorship of this event reinforces the common objective of both waste management compliance schemes: to raise awareness of the importance of adopting environmentally responsible behaviors, applicable to the different types of waste, specifically electrical and electronic and batteries waste (ERP Portugal) and packaging (Novo Verde).