July 16th, 2019

CREW Project Lipor and ERP Portugal celebrate collaboration protocol

Lipor and ERP Portugal celebrated, on December 7, a collaboration protocol for the creation of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Centers (CREW).

The protocol was signed at the Santo António Educational Center (CESA), 1st CREW Center, by Fernando Leite, Executive Manager of Lipor and Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal.

Also present were the Manager of the Educational Center, António Coelho Viana, and several guests who had the opportunity to visit the CREW Center, already installed at CESA, in recognition of the value and functioning of these Centers as places for training and education.

Continuing the work developed under the Collaboration Protocol signed by Lipor and the Santo António Educational Center in July 2017, Lipor has found new ways to intervene and help CESA students to find new ways of developing, training and improving skills.

Thus, by promoting technical-pedagogical cooperation between the two institutions, Lipor, through Rlab (Reuse Laboratory), will contribute to the development of one of the disciplines - Electrotechnology - part of the curricular plan of CESA.

This collaboration of education and promotion of technical skills on the field of repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment, equivalent to the professional training of social reintegration will enable joint participation in projects for the recovery of electrical equipment and support the training of users. It will contribute to the development of the institution's users, namely better professional preparation coupled with a culture of cooperation and responsibility, open to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.

In practice, Lipor, through its network of ecocenters and collection circuits, provides CESA with end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment which, after being recovered in a laboratory environment and in a school context, will be returned to Lipor.

These equipments are then donated and forwarded to Semente - Lipor Association of Volunteers, which will be responsible for assigning them to their users.

This protocol signed at CESA, between ERP Portugal and Lipor, which includes the creation of Waste Recovery Centers for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (CREW), will certainly be a key element for the success of this project and the work between the involved entities.

These CREW Centers have the objective of creating a database with information on the WEEE management strategy, namely to increase equipment life-span and life-cycle analysis (eg, resources saved, emissions avoided), promoting unequivocally the Circular Economy.

In addition, this project responds to a long-standing motivation of the two organizations, namely the link between environmental, educational, training and social.

Lipor will develop with the CREW Centers the conditions and infrastructures considered necessary for the development of equipment repair activities, ensuring the safety of the team, the quality of the service and the integration of the data obtained in a national management system.

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