Eco-Schools Seminar

July 16th, 2019

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde participate in the Eco-Schools Seminar

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde, waste compliance schemes, were present in Lagoa (Algarve), on 18 and 19 January, to participate in the National Seminar of the Eco-Schools 2019 Program. In this event, aimed at teachers, Municipalities and professionals related to environmental education, ERP Portugal and Novo Verde announced the initiatives of Geração Depositrão and Geração Verdão.

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde participate in the 'Projects for Eco-Schools' panel, dedicated to the presentation of the dynamics of the initiatives and perspectives for 2019 (19th, at 05:15 p.m.).

According to Filipa Moita, PR Manager of ERP Portugal and Novo Verde, "these challenges mobilize schools and the community to effectively adopt environmental behaviors, translated into the correct and selective routinof waste. Throughout these years, we have felt that the message addressed primarily to schools is becoming more widespread to local entities and companies, which are active agents in the collection, especially the electrical and electronic end of life. The contribution of all is crucial to ensure that waste reaches its final destination, giving rise to secondary raw materials and / or the treatment of harmful substances, such as batteries and fluorescent lamps."

Geração Depositrão, promoted by ERP Portugal, and the newly created Geração Verdão, promoted by Novo Verde, are challenges launched at the Eco-Schools, whose objective is to promote correct environmental behaviors among the younger ones. The first promotes the adequate routing of electrical and electronic equipment and batteries at the end of life and the second one is dedicated to the awareness of young people in the management of packaging waste. In this way, schools function as collection points and information on the subject.

In recent years, Geração Depositrão has involved more than 900 schools and entities from all over the country, mobilized for the collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA). It is also important to highlight the significant numbers of these 10 years, since in total it was possible to correctly route more than 2,500 tons of WEEE and WBA. At this moment the eleventh edition of the school campaign for the collection of WEEE and WBA has been going on for more consecutive years, with the support of LG, Orima, Pingo Doce and Worten.

In parallel, the creative activities of Geração Verdão take place in the Primary Eco-Schools.

The National Eco-Schools Seminar 2019, organized in partnership with the municipality of Lagoa, was a moment of updating, co-learning and sharing among professionals in the area of education for sustainability. Lagoa currently has more than 50% of its schools in Eco-Schools Program.

See the detailed seminar agenda here.

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