Recycling is a Festival

July 23rd, 2019

WEEE delivery gives tickets to summer festivals

End-of-life appliances delivery after purchasing an LG product worth more than € 700 is worth two Summer Festival tickets

What if you could give your old fridge, dishwasher or computer a new life while earning double tickets for a summer music festival? What if in addition to becoming a festival-goer you could still help to reduce your impact on the environment, neutralize some of the major environmental threats and contribute to a better planet?

With LG's “Recycle is a Festival” campaign, reality surpasses fiction and recycling of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), environmental protection and festival attendance are not a mirage. Developed in partnership with ERP Portugal, this initiative, which runs until May 12, aims to promote the collection of used and/or damaged appliances of any brand, as a counterpart to the purchase of an LG product worth € 700 or more. Collection is provided by ERP Portugal, and entitles you to two tickets for one of the Summer Festivals (Super Bock Super Rock or MEO Sudoeste).

To start the process, simply register your purchase on the Recycling is a Festival micro site and identify the type of WEEE to be collected by ERP Portugal to ensure its recycling. If the invoice is 700 € or more you can also select the Festival/Day for which you want to send the tickets. At the end of the process, simply pack your backpack and head for the road to your chosen destination.

“This initiative combines the collection of used and/or end-of-life appliances with major music and art festivals in the country, such as Super Bock Super Rock and Meo Sudoeste,” said Hugo Jorge, LG Marketing Director, explaining that "Our main goal is to help give a new direction to appliances, TVs, and other used and / or end-of-life equipment that is just taking up space at home, through the motto 'It'll still work.'"

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