WORTEN continues to reforest

July 23rd, 2019

In the areas of Oliveira do Hospital, in Portugal, and Málaga, in Spain

Within the scope of the Energy Efficiency campaign (https://www.worten.pt/tudo-sobre-efficiency-energetica), the action “Efficient Exchange” aims, as Inês Drummond Borges, Worten's Marketing Manager, says, “to combine the use of efficient equipment with the recycling of old appliances and, at this junction, we bet once again on reforestation of the country. A theme that we consider urgent, which strongly impacts the local populations and communities, where Worten is inserted through its more than 250 stores in Portugal and Spain.”

With this action, which is in partnership with ERP Portugal, for each customer who buys an A ++ or A +++ appliance and delivers end-of-life equipment for recycling, Worten is committed to planting a tree in Oliveira do Hospital, one of the areas most affected by the October 2017 fires. The action will be in effect until June 26.

“Efficient Exchange” continues a commitment started last year with the “Exchange for Exchange” action, whereby Worten, between June 5 and 8, 2018, converted all end-of-life handsets delivered by its customers in trees. This initiative resulted in the planting of a total of 3700 trees in Oliveira do Hospital, with the support of ERP Portugal and the local authority, completed in February this year. Symbolically, on June 3rd, the sign “Floresta Worten” (produced in recycled material) was placed, in which the brand thanks the Portuguese for their adhesion to the action.



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