ERP at Paredes de Coura

August 17th, 2019

Green festival with ERP and Novo Verde

The summer festival Paredes de Coura, taking place from August 14 to 17, will be greener with the help of ERP Portugal and Novo Verde.

ERP Portugal, which is responsible for the management of electrical and electronic equipment and end-of-life batteries, will make the public aware of the need to treat and recycle these waste, often composed of harmful substances that are harmful to the environment and our health.

By motivating the collection of this waste through channels available throughout the country, over 3000 proximity points (Depositrão network, ecocenters and stores), ERP Portugal ensures that they will reach their final destination, ie their decontamination, recovery and recycling, giving rise to raw materials to be incorporated into the manufacturing process of new products.

The packaging waste compliance scheme, Novo Verde, focuses on the incentive mechanics for the routing and recycling of PET bottles of beverages and soft drinks through the awarding of consumers who use the waste collection machine, installed on site under the Sê-lo Verde program.

The well-known human ecopoints return to this festival to facilitate, awaken and root the behavior of campers and festival-goers regarding the correct waste disposal in appropriate containers and their recycling, which should be reflected in their daily lives.

Filipa Moita, PR Manafger concludes that “high-turnout events are excellent opportunities to mobilize citizens for sustainable behavior, engaging them naturally and spontaneously through creative and participatory mechanics. The adhesion of all is fundamental for the development of the compliance schemes activity, as the placement of waste in specific containers is the key to their recycling. ”

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