International Youth Day

August 17th, 2019

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde in the International Youth Day

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde celebrated International Youth Day

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde attended the Jamor National Sports Center to celebrate the International Youth Day. This initiative was promoted by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth and featured dozens of sports and recreational activities for an audience between 12 and 30 years old.

ERP Portugal was responsible for the installation of Depositrões for the delivery of electrical and electronic and end-of-life batteries, making known these containers and their function.

Novo Verde promoted the collection of packaging generated in the context of the event through the action of the human ecopoints team, always ready to clarify and encourage the collaboration of participants in the packaging recycling.

Filipa Moita, PR Manager for both organizations, said: “Young people are essential in promoting environmental behavior. They are a group that has a strong ability to influence their peers, thus favorable to the positive contagion of these behaviors. The target age group continues the work done with children, reinforcing concepts and emphasizing the importance of citizen participation in the waste management chain, regardless of their typology.”

'Transformative Education' was this year's theme, which aims to promote opportunities for inclusive and equitable quality for all. International Youth Day has been celebrated since 1999 by resolution of the UN General Assembly.


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