Recycling at Fexpomalveira

August 17th, 2019

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde have joined Mafra City Council

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde have joined Mafra City Council to raise sustainable behaviors

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde will be responsible for raising sustainable behavior by promoting the delivery of waste from electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging by Fexpolmaveira visitors, taking place between 13 and 18 August.

This initiative, carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Mafra, materializes the motto of its 31st edition in which the organization of the event intends to “celebrate and recycle”.

During these days visitors will be able to ensure the recycling of their waste and used batteries by using the on-site waste Depositrões and thus ensure the treatment and decontamination of harmful substances for the environment and health of all, as well as the obtaining of raw materials to be incorporated into the new products.

Packaging can be collected by human ecopoints, facilitating consumer behavior and ensuring their recycling.

These dynamics are part of the strategy of awareness, communication and education of both compliance schemes, with a view to the active participation of consumers in the management chain of these specific waste streams.

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