Traga Pilhas

June 5th, 2020

ERP Portugal launches new brand for batteries collection

ERP Portugal marks the World Environment Day with the launch of Traga Pilhas (bring us your batteries) brand, which main objective is to make consumers aware of the importance and need to recycle this type of waste, encouraging their active participation in this process.

The brand name naturally appeals to the behavior of taking batteries and accumulators at the end of their life to the points of selective collection and thus guaranteeing their recycling. For example, all stores that sell batteries are obliged to receive used ones, for free. The logistical equipment on the field will have this call to action and assume a new identity and image, with greater prominence and impact, totally dedicated to this cause.

The targeted waste are harmful to the environment and health of all of us, as inside we find heavy metals such as mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium and lithium that can contaminate soils and groundwater and reach the food chain, when left anywhere. ERP Portugal job is to ensure that the waste reaches its final destination, where it is recycled.

The collection of this waste has been an integral part of ERP Portugal activity since 2010, as a compliance scheme for this specific waste stream, under the umbrella of Depositrão concept, also used to promote the selective delivery of small appliances and used lamps.

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, adds that “we are once again reinforcing our communication and awareness strategy with an initiative that aims to promote the most sustainable behavior of the entire population. The Traga Pilhas brand emerges as a way to highlight and raise consumer awareness for the delivery of used batteries, which due to their danger, need specific treatment. We mark the 15th anniversary of ERP in Portugal with another milestone in our strategy: the launch of the new brand Traga Pilhas!”



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