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June 23rd, 2020

Worten Transforma helps Hospitals, Schools and Institutions

Worten Transforma helps Hospitals, Schools and Institutions

  • Appeal remains: the Portuguese are asked to deliver their old electrical and electronic equipment to a Worten store to be recycled, and thus the brand donates new equipment to institutions
  • New campaign will support the entities most impacted by the pandemic crisis generated by COVID-19: hospitals, in support of the well-being of health professionals and patients, and private schools and institutions of social solidarity that guarantee access distance learning for children and young people helped by them
  • Who does not have old equipment to deliver, can contribute on worten.pt from €0,50
  • Movie of the new campaign here: https://youtu.be/4pUjc5Rfzt8
  • With the support of ERP Portugal, ENTRAJUDA's Donated Goods Bank and RFM

It was on June 2 that Worten launched its new communication campaign for Worten Transforma, the brand's environmental and social responsibility program, in place for over ten years. With this campaign, the brand again appeals to the Portuguese to deliver, in a Worten store, the electrical and electronic equipment that they no longer use, so that they can be correctly sent for recycling and, thus, Worten donate new equipment to hospitals, schools and institutions that support populations that have become more vulnerable in the wake of the health crisis we are experiencing.

“The rational for this new campaign is related to our belief that the things that once helped us, can now help others. This is the basis of our Worten Transforma program, which combines the recycling of equipment with solidary support, in a logic of circular economy, in which the old becomes new, preserving the environment and contributing to improve the living conditions of those who have a more difficult day-to-day. In this time of exception, we will focus our help on two types of entities: health units, on the one hand, and, on the other, schools and institutions that guarantee access to distance learning for populations that have difficulty providing it to their children ”, says Inês Drummond Borges, Marketing Director at Worten.

“At a time when health units were suddenly grappling with the need to equip improvised dinning halls to support their staff, increase the frequency of washing hospital tissue or provide means of distance contact for inpatients with their families, we have been and will continue to be there! And we also want to continue to contribute so that children and young people from all over the country can develop their studies, even when schools cannot, yet, receive them back. For this reason, we have triggered a new communication wave at Worten Transforma, which everyone can support, either with old equipment or with a cash donation, as the amount raised in the online store will be donated in full to ENTRAJUDA ”, adds the person in charge.

On the air until June 23, this Worten Transforma campaign, whose main message is “Transform your old electrical equipment into a great help”, will be disseminated in digital (see here the 30-second film: https://youtu.be / 4pUjc5Rfzt8) and on radio, in an exclusive partnership with RFM of Grupo Renascença, but also in the press, social networks, Worten.pt and store.

Great help from partners

From 2009 to 2019, Worten Transforma allowed to recycle more than 55 thousand tons of old equipment and to donate more than 22 thousand new equipment, in an investment of more than 2 million euros, to thousands of Portuguese institutions, directly impacting close to 600 thousand users. Last year alone, within the scope of this program, 6002 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) were collected, 842 of which were collected in December, during the Transform Christmas Campaign.(https://www.worten.pt/natal / transforma-o-natal) of the brand - more than double the value registered in the same period of 2018.

Worten Transforma has a partnership with ERP Portugal, the entity responsible for the management of electrical and electronic waste, and ENTRAJUDA's Donated Goods Bank, an entity that selects the beneficiary institutions that will receive the new equipment donated by Worten, within the scope of this program.

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, the entity responsible for recycling the equipment delivered to Worten stores, says that “at the end of last year, Worten Transforma campaign proved to be a huge success, proving that the Portuguese see themselves in the mission of helping the next, contributing in solidarity with what they can to improve the lives of those in need. The transformation of old equipment into new ones, in addition to help people and organizations, contributes to ensuring that these waste have the proper routing, crucial to ensure their recycling and obtaining secondary raw materials that can integrate new equipment and also avoid the negative impacts that they can have on the environment and, consequently, on the health of all of us ”.

Isabel Jonet, president of ENTRAJUDA's Donated Goods Bank, also highlights the importance of this program for Portuguese society: “Worten's appeal to the whole of society for the need to take care of the environment, for the correct recycling or reuse, combining a concern social, through support for health and solidarity institutions, is an example of sustainability and respect for the common good. ENTRAJUDA praises a partnership that generates so much social and environmental value with evident gains for all”.

More info at worten.pt:  https://www.worten.pt/sustentabilidade/iniciativa-transforma

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