July 2nd, 2020

ERP Portugal launches website to facilitate the collection of electrical and electronic products and batteries at the end of life

ERP Portugal has just launched a new website that aims to facilitate the collection of waste from electrical and electronic equipment and used batteries. Eureciclo.pt is a space for all companies and / or entities that need to send their waste or that of their customers for recycling. The current collection points of the ERP Portugal network, such as schools, electrical and electronic equipment stores and batteries, as well as companies and / or entities can also request collections through this website, ensuring ERP Portugal selective collection and subsequent sending to treatment, decontamination and recycling.

Pedro Simões, Head of Operations at ERP Portugal, explains that “We live in a digital age that moves very fast and needs quick and personalized responses. ERP Portugal has over 15 years of experience in the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment and batteries and accumulators, and today it has more than 3,500 collection points spread across the national territory. In order to increase the proximity to its collection network, whether they are stores, schools or companies, ERP Portugal has just launched a new digital platform that will ensure the collection of waste in a fast, free and personalized way. ERP Portugal's "Eu Reciclo" (I recycle) platform is yet another initiative that will assist the country in meeting national recycling targets. ”

For the referred entities, the process is very simple and fast: just access the website and submit the form, which can be accompanied by photographic records.

For the final consumer this service is not available, but it is possible to find out on the ERP Portugal website where to deliver this equipment and / or batteries.

This new service includes the free collection of electrical and electronic equipment, such as refrigerators, air conditioning devices, screens, lamps, computers, printers and other computer equipment, mobile phones, photovoltaic panels, among others, as well as batteries and accumulators at the end of life. In a logic of circular economy, the correct routing of these waste will lead to the adequate treatment of harmful substances and to obtain raw materials (secondary) to be incorporated in new products.

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