All together for IPO

November 25th, 2020

Used batteries collected until the end of 2020 reverts to Lisbon Portuguese Institute of Oncology

ERP Portugal, waste compliance scheme, joins for the first time the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon Francisco Gentil (IPO) to challenge the Portuguese to participate in the recycling of their waste and help IPO's mission. To be part of the “All together for IPO” campaign, you just need to hand over used batteries that no longer work at the more than 5000 ERP Portugal collection points, distributed throughout the country, including also the facilities of IPO (list available here).

The waste collection covered by the initiative includes batteries and small equipment such as controls, toys, flashlights or watches and batteries for portable computers, mobile phones or game console controls.

The waste collected by the end of the year will be transformed into a donation to be delivered to IPO for the purchase of diagnostic and treatment equipment for oncological diseases.

This initiative also reinforces ERP Portugal commitment to raising community awareness of selective waste delivery importance to ensure its treatment, decontamination and recycling.

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, adds that “it is gratifying for ERP Portugal to be able to contribute to such a noble cause and, unfortunately, so present nowadays. That is why we want to leave the call for citizens participation in this solidarity collection initiative. Gestures as simple as handing out batteries that no longer work for recycling can really make a difference and help those who struggle daily with this disease”.

Gisela Pestana, IPO Hotel Management Service Manager, thanks in advance “the mobilization of everyone for the success of this campaign that benefits the Institute, contributes to a better environment and reflects the recognition of society in relation to IPO and its professionals work."


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