e-Waste Open Innovation

November 27th, 2020

5 finalists projects

Program results from a partnership between ERP Portugal, LG Portugal and Startup Lisboa and aims to encourage entrepreneurs to develop solutions related to WEEE recycling

Five ideas, five projects, and so many other entrepreneurs, have just been selected to move on to the final stage of e-Waste Open Innovation, launched in early November by ERP Portugal (Waste Compliance Scheme) and LG Portugal with the support of Startup Lisboa. The three winners will be revealed in early 2021.

This training and mentoring program, which challenged startups and entrepreneurs to present their solutions to encourage recycling and reuse of electronic equipment, is now entering its final stretch with the mentoring and tutoring phases for the five projects, which will be carried out carried out by Startup Lisboa and by ERP Portugal and LG Portugal, respectively.

During the next two months, the selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to take their ideas to the next level with the support of technical resources and specialists from ERP Portugal and LG Portugal who, through several tutorial sessions, will support them in solving problems and concrete challenges in the areas of Waste Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste (WEEE). At the same time, Startup Lisboa will provide personalized mentoring provided by its resources, according to the needs previously identified during the application phase and individual pitch of each of the entrepreneurs.

Selected projects:

a) Byewaste – Technological platform that facilitates the reuse and recycling of e-waste in a door-to-door context; b) Personification of WEEE – Personify the recycling of WEEE using a new funding platform; c) Phone Hut – “Recommerce” solution through “smart” ecopoint; d) Smartwaste – Platform / management system for selective waste collection that takes advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT); e) Trash for Goods – Gamification platform that rewards sustainable practices.

The ideas and projects of the entrepreneurs now selected aim to develop solutions related to the recycling of WEEE and the three challenges presented in the program:

1. Accumulation: solutions and programs for the forwarding of WEEE and conversion of recycling habits for this type of equipment are sought;

2. Location: technological solutions and tools are sought to encourage and facilitate the recycling process of this type of equipment, ensuring its correct treatment and recycling, preventing them from ending up in informal circuits;

3. Incentives: technological solutions and initiatives are sought to define incentives (monetary and non-monetary) that significantly promote good recycling practices for this type of waste.

The evaluation and selection of the winning projects will be made by a jury composed of members from ERP Portugal, LG Portugal, Startup Lisboa and Exame Informática in early 2021. At that time, the teams will present their solutions and the three will be selected winning projects: the first prize receives 15 thousand euros, the second 3500 euros and the third 1500 euros.

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