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December 10th, 2020

Worten “gives one to the box” to transform Christmas

Worten Transforms Program combines recycling of “electronic waste” with the donation of new equipment to institutions

This Christmas, with the help of the Portuguese, Worten will continue to make a difference with Worten Transforms, the brand's Corporate Social Responsibility program, in place for over ten years, which combines the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment at the end of life to the social component of support for different Portuguese institutions, from north to south of the country.

As Inês Drummond Borges, Marketing Director at Worten explains, “With the campaign 'Give one to the box and transform Christmas', we complement the concept of our commercial Christmas campaign, which we launched on December 1, and we encourage, once moreover, the Portuguese to deliver electrical equipment that they no longer use or that are damaged in a Worten store, so that we can correctly send them for recycling, minimizing the impact of this waste on the environment, and then donating new products to those who need it most."

The delivery of these old electrical equipment can be made at any Worten store in the country. Whoever prefers, can also contribute to this cause with a donation at worten.pt, adding the product 'Transforma', available from € 0.50 to the cart.

“It is important to remember the usual premises of Worten Transforms, which are the recycling of old televisions, damaged printers or microwaves, mobile phones or chargers that we no longer use, but also to adapt the program to the current context. And we did it in two ways: on the one hand, knowing that we have, in the context in which we live, fewer trips to stores, giving the option of contributing online; on the other hand, since the beginning of the year we have widened the spectrum of beneficiary entities to hospitals, schools and different educational institutions, because we know that they have become particularly vulnerable with this pandemic crisis ”, emphasizes Inês Drummond Borges.

The new Worten Transforms multimedia campaign, with FUEL's creativity, is already being shown on TV, radio, digital, leaflet, store and worten.pt. Watch the film here.

The Worten Transforms program has the support of ERP Portugal, the partner responsible for delivered waste management and recycling, and the ENTRAJUDA Donated Goods Bank, a partner that identifies the institutions needs, ensuring their inclusion in the different editions of the program.

For Rosa Monforte, ERP Portugal General Manager, “Recycling electrical and electronic waste and transforming it into social actions is essential, especially in a year like this, whose challenges have become even greater. Once again, we call the Portuguese for this mission that belongs to everyone and for everyone! The delivery of this waste to Worten stores guarantees its recycling, ensuring the treatment of harmful substances that may be in its composition, which then allows Worten to donate new equipment to numerous institutions. Together, we will transform Christmas for those who need it most.”

Isabel Jonet, President of ENTRAJUDA, also considers that “Worten has a real concern with sustainability and this campaign, organized on an ongoing basis, is a proof of that. By involving its customers, facilitating the delivery of electrical and electronic equipment and creating a box, which acts as a new collection point, it is encouraging the correct recycling of waste and promoting good practices. The conversion of these into new equipment delivered to selected social solidarity institutions and accompanied by ENTRAJUDA, allows to associate a pillar of social responsibility that adds to the care with environmental impacts. ENTRAJUDA considers this partnership with Worten, which has been on for many years, of high social and environmental value. ”

Support throughout 2020

As part of the Worten Transforma program, Worten has already donated, over this year, more than € 100,000 in new equipment to hospitals, schools and social solidarity institutions across the country. In view of the increase in the number of support requests received, in Due to the pandemic, Worten reoriented its social and environmental responsibility program in order to focus efforts on supporting the well-being of patients and health professionals and reducing the asymmetries that the reality of distance learning has worsened.

Tablets, smartphones and intercoms are among the main equipment donated to health units, enabling contact between patients in isolation and their families, which otherwise would not be possible in these circumstances. The list of products donated to this type of institution also includes refrigerators, washing machines and a wide variety of small appliances, to equip makeshift cupboards and safely wash the uniforms of nurses, doctors and assistants. With regard to the equipment needed by schools and other educational institutions that support the most vulnerable populations in their children's access to distance learning, they are naturally concentrated in the area of ​​computers: laptops, desktops, monitors and tablets.

Key figures of Worten Transforma

From 2009 to 2019, Worten Transforma allowed to:

. Recycle over 55 thousand tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) . Donate more than 22 thousand new equipment, in an investment of over 2M € . Directly impact more than 600 thousand users . For more information, visit worten.pt

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